Build the Outsider Advantage into your path to growth.

Marvel Citizen

In six years, Marvel Citizen has helped realize over $1B of impact for companies in industries spanning healthcare to food, energy to consumer technology. From incubating early-stage concepts to building and operating a company as it scales, we have been there to open and accelerate paths to growth for emerging businesses and established ventures.

By tying strategy to execution and our success to the goals of the leaders we work with, we create value that flows seamlessly through a company’s brand, product and culture. Our seasoned teams enable founders to build and scale faster and gain strategic advantage — without the traditional overhead and risk.


We help companies see and seize opportunities others can’t.

Prepare your company for scale in 90 days.

Through a series of collaborative work sessions over three months, The Outsider Advantage Program establishes an operating system around a business’s product-market-fit and produces tangible, foundational assets required for a concept to scale.  We convert the intelligence of company leaders into a market-ready platform — from brand to product design to resourcing to launch strategy.

What our program delivers

Leverage lean teams that move mountains.

By becoming part of your culture to support build efforts, we guide companies to put Outsider Advantage strategies in motion right away. We enlist and manage experienced individuals who can amplify our partners’ capabilities with the finance, creative, logistics and other disciplines they need.

How an operating partner works

Power through the next milestone. And the next and the next.

Companies equipped with the Outsider Advantage are ready to forge relationships and move into the next phase of growth. We’re there to back them up with strategic and tactical expertise wherever they need it.

How we engage in your growth

Replace the established ways of thinking.

Our methodology allows us to swim against the tide of the mature market and shape approaches that don’t just disrupt, but replace established thinking.

What it means to act like an Outsider


Clean up the dessert aisle
We designed and operationalized a new brand and product arrangement that enabled Talenti to make an all-natural delight accessible to everyone.

Reboot an industry
We helped Intellihot grow a robotics technology within a tired energy industry.

A more efficient path to growth, proven by our team of thinkers, makers and operators.

See the companies we work with

Make health insurance invisible
We helped the founders of Harken Health redefine the homebase for health by making insurance a place, not just a plan.

Get home appliances out of the kitchen
By connecting a founder's brilliant product to the right marketplace, OXX has brought luxury taste to the rugged workforce.

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